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Sebastian Kneipp

Despite many obstacles Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) managed to fulfill his ardent wish to become a priest. When he fell ill with TBC he cured himself by bathing in the River Danube, and from this experience he later developed a holistic health concept which he used to cure patients, making him very popular. But we also owe him credit for developing a concept of comprehensive prevention. He acquired a vast knowledge of diagnosis and natural remedies.

In his later years he traveled to many countries on lecturing tours and built up a network of international contacts. Physicians from around the world visited him in Bad Wörishofen to learn from him. Whenever possible, Kneipp invested his income in his charitable foundations, mainly for the benefit of sick children.

After his death the physician’s journal dedicated a sympathetic obituary to him – which is rather astonishing, because for years the professional physicians had tried to send their successful rival to prison for quackery. Kneipp left many writings for posterity. The most well-known are “Thus Shalt Thou Live”, “My Testament” and “My Water Cure”.


Visit from Florida

In the Kneipp Center, President Ingeborg Pongratz and Secretary General Sigrid Rau welcomed the first guest from USA, Mrs. Mary-Rachel Clark-Wagner.…

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