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Copyright and Trade Marks

The word-mark “Kneipp“ is protected as a trade mark of the Kneipp-Werke Kneipp-Mittel-Zentrale GmbH & Co. KG, Steinbachtal 43, 970982 Würzburg (www.kneipp.de) by the German Patent Office (Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt DPMA) in Munich under the Number 396 242 68; the same applies for the word and picture brand (DPMA No. 302 603 36).

Please note that the Kneipp-Werke with their subsidiaries including the Kneipp International GmbH have developed and secured beyond this an exceptionally comprehensive acquis of protected trade marks and similar rights which have in common that they contain either the catchword “Kneipp” alone or in combination with other words or syllables or the icon (head) of Father Sebastian Kneipp or the facsimile of his signature or a combination of at least two of these elements, sometimes in combination with further elements. These rights also exist – in part – in many other countries.

Also the author Dr. Med. Robert M. Bachmann is owner of various trade mark rights related to natural remedies according to Father Kneipp.


Visit from Florida

In the Kneipp Center, President Ingeborg Pongratz and Secretary General Sigrid Rau welcomed the first guest from USA, Mrs. Mary-Rachel Clark-Wagner.…

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