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International Kneipp-Action-Days

Currently, Kneipp Worldwide’s most important project are the International Kneipp-Action-Days

The "International Kneipp-Action-Days“ are held at various places and at irregular intervals. The most important objectives are enjoyment and fun! Participants from around the world have the opportunity of finding out about the five elements of Kneipp’s philosophy and to practice them in play. There is only one thing that is not allowed: pressure to perform.

The next "International Kneipp-Action-Days" will take place from 14th to 16th of May 2021 in Bad Wörishofen.


Visit from Florida

In the Kneipp Center, President Ingeborg Pongratz and Secretary General Sigrid Rau welcomed the first guest from USA, Mrs. Mary-Rachel Clark-Wagner.…

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