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Kneipp Worldwide was founded in Lindau at Lake Constance, Germany in 1962 under the name “Internationale Konföderation der Kneipp-Bewegung (IKK)“ (International Confederation of the Kneipp Movement). The founder-members agreed that the associated organizations would remain independent in their home countries. From the beginning the Presiding Council (“Präsidialrat”) decided on the admission of new organizations as members. The Presiding Council is elected every four years by the members.

The following organizations were founder-members of the IKK:

Kneipp-Bund e.V. (confederation of German Kneipp associations and individual members), Kneippärztebund (association of Kneipp-physicians), Verband Kneippscher Bademeister/innen (association of Kneipp bath attendants); these are German organizations. Österreichischer Kneipp Bund (confederation of Austrian Kneipp associations and individual members) and Österreichischer Kneippärztebund (Austrian association of Kneipp-physicians) and also the Verband Schweizer Kneipp Vereine (confederation of Swiss Kneipp associations).
In 1972 a Danish Kneipp association joined the IKK and in 1975 the Confederation of South African Kneipp Associations followed. The office of the General Secretary in Bad Wörishofen was implemented in 1976.

Today, Kneipp Worldwide consists of six national associations, some professional associations and single members in more than 40 countries. Its work focuses on congresses, acquisition of members and, last but not least, on the “Kneippiade” – a social event combining exercise and fun which attracted hundreds of friends of the Kneipp Movement when it was held for the first time in 2001. Since then the Kneippiade ("International Games oft the Kneipp Movement" since 2010) has become an established part of the European Kneipp Movement.


Visit from Florida

In the Kneipp Center, President Ingeborg Pongratz and Secretary General Sigrid Rau welcomed the first guest from USA, Mrs. Mary-Rachel Clark-Wagner.…

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